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Welcome to Norrøna.

Norrøna means modern design and colors, but also remarkable features and qualities. At Norrøna, there is only one goal: to design exceptional products for all thrill seekers.

The company follows a precise philosophy, the Loaded Minimalism™, to create clean and ultra-functional products. This concept is based on two fundamental values, innovation and passion (values to which we adhere, of course, at 2R Adventure!).

For optimal development, the teams test in real conditions (in Norway), in extreme uses (yes, you read it right, EXTREME). Testers are the most demanding "customers", and products are only marketed when they are fully satisfied.

Hvalstad, 20 km from Oslo, is a small village of 2000 inhabitants and the location chosen to house the Norrøna prototypes workshop, where all (or almost all) products are designed. The know-how is paramount and that is why the Norrøna teams never stop drawing, sewing, cutting and sticking by hand.

At the same time, the Norwegian company is constantly striving to reduce its impact on the environment by continually optimizing its value chain. For Norrøna, the durability of a product is a crucial goal ("a new product is fantastic, but a ten-year-old is even better!" - almost like good wine).

At Norrøna, social and environmental responsibility is an everyday issue, as for example with recycling: from bottles to polar. For example, in 2012, Norrøna launches the first polar jacket created entirely in recycled PET bottles.

It also involves innovation in the service of use and the environment. One of the great innovations that Norrøna has been able to identify and adopt is Polygiene fabric. This material, currently used in some of its products, has a positive effect on the environment. Its anti-odor technology reduces the frequency of washing (reduction in water use) and therefore the product is more durable (reduction of wear due to excessive washing).

Polygiene benefits fromthe Bluesign accreditation(the highest environmental certification) and is part of the list of materials approved by Oeko-Tex (an independent association that tests textiles for possible substances harmful to health or the environment).


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The history of Norrøna.

Jørgen Jørgensen is an unconditional Norwegian outdoor enthusiast (like many of his compatriots). In 1929, pushed by an adventurous spirit, he went in search of resistant and efficient equipment for the hostile and harsh conditions prevailing in Norway.

At first, his innovations remained quite simple. Leather straps, canvas backpacks and cotton clothes. But this gave Norrøna its guideline: to seek the most effective technological innovation to create products with the highest performance.

Four generations later, the company remains a familial company, owned by the same family. Its offices, creators of solutions, continue to operate from Oslo. Every detail is controlled and its aim continues to be to guarantee the excellence of its products, always based on its design basis: The Loaded Minimalism™.

His efforts have been rewarded and have resulted in the creation of some reference products that represent the brand and in the supply of provisions for numerous expeditions (at the North Pole, Antarctica or Everest). In 1972 Norrøna invented the tunnel tent for the mountain in 1979, the standard backpack control system and in 1977 the Norwegians were the first to use Gore-Tex® in Europe.


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