List of products by brand Kamp-rite

2R Aventure offers for sale the off the ground tent cots developped for military purpose by Kamprite in the USA along with robust camping material

Kamprite, Kamp right, stand right, camp well, fair camping! The right meaning of the true camping experience, the well known, well named, American brand has developed off the ground camping solutions, with tents, single, double or XL and a range of innovative camping material such as double camping chair, folding table, and hammock. Comfort, simplicity, safety, ease and adaptability are the key words of the materials developed for all everywhere.

Conceived by an American brand to help the GI’s in the desert, enabling them to sleep comfortably and safely isolated from the ground and its dangers (snakes and other nice surprises), the TentCots, literally a tent and a cot or a cot with a tent are easy to set up, comfy in an night under the stars, no matter the state of the ground. 

Tente surélevée Kamprite dans le désert Vidéo tente surélevée Kamprite

Thought for the military, they are robust, and enable diverse uses, from the fisherman who needs to set up quickly and comfortably, the tired camping man who needs to get up easily, the princess very sensible to the chickpeas, the adventurer in the snow, the raid explorer enjoying thrills looking for a 4 season refuge, the rally pilot in every element, the disable person for going up easily (when you’re up, it is simple!), the kids in their garden, the festival not found of the mud, the supporters looking for comfort during a week-long event, to the safety and emergency services for simple and transportable sleeping solution.

Diversity is the key of this technology and at 2R Aventure we’re happy to bring it forward,

Kamp-rite is a family company, based in the West of the US (far West – Sacramento !) and gives us the opportunity to explore this diversity, to adapt ourselves to each and everyone or every situation to enjoy another look and open a wild universe of possible.

Adventure is everywhere, adventure is out here. With this double camping chair or this hammock, with your friends or family, by yourself… 

Tente surélevée Originale KampriteTente surélevée Combo Kamprite Lit de camp kwick cot kampriteFauteuil de camping double kampriteHamac autoporté Kampritetable de camping pliantetente légère moustiquaire intégrale