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2R Aventure offers for sale the dreaming, suspended, easy and fun tree tents developped by tentsile

Tentsile is the imagination of a new world. Living in between sky and earth. Changing the bases. Changing the reference. Entering in a new air. In a new area, in a new era. Alex Shirley Smith has always been dreaming about tree houses. Since he was a kid, since he saw a tv show about Amazonia and deforestation. The easiest, the simplest way to protect the trees is to live in it. He invented different tree houses, portable, funny, pratical… He got his degree in architecture and continued to dream about, sketch, draw, develop tree houses. He even made a huge prototype which has been viral and met a Australian designer. The duo worked together, simplified Alex’s design, and make it easy, and mere and the first tree tent, suspended tent was born. They launched Tentsile, in Europe, in the US, in Asia… All other the world to make people love trees, to protect them and to enjoy them. From the camping trip in Alaska, to the Indonesian jungle, from the mangrove in Andaman, India to the forest in South of France, from the survival kit to the camo hunting trip, from the polar expedition in Finland to the arborist in Italy, from the amazing penthouses to the fishermen, for the photographers as well as for the lovers dreaming about reaching the stars… The suspended tents from Tentsile open a completely new range of uses and adventures. It’s a story about dreaming, about reaching the stars… Easy to set up (in less than 10 minutes), caring about the trees with tree protection, for kids as well as for adults, those tents change the idea of camping, or of sleeping outside, and we love it. The Stingray model, for 3 adults, brings conviviality in the trees. The double connect enjoys a fully opening mosquito net for an amazing view The light flite, gives you the opportunity to fly-sleep everywhere And the trillium hammock ensures a triple trip for a nap or more

3 people suspended Tent 2 people suspended Tent

 people light suspended TentTriple Hammock trillium