List of products by brand Wisper

2R Aventure sells a selected choice of qualitative, performant, silent, urban, Dutch or hybrid British e-bikes, pedelecs and speed-e-bikes

London is setting up highway for cycles, an English cyclist is winning le Tour de France, the bike competition starts this year, Keep calm, England is cycling ! 

Keep Calm English are cycling  

And of course, developing new ideas, new ways for (re) thinking mobility. We love it, #smartmobility, the concept is true with the British founder of Wisper, David Miall. A crazy cyclist (knows every part of each and every bikes), he's passionnate about new bikes, new ideas and developped a brand of e-bikes, famous is the UK, called Wisper bikes. Wispers are whispering. Discreet as an English, silent (not like the pubs), the Wispers are great ebikes, pedelecs for urban mobility. 

Classic for everyone and especially English, colorblock, because London's calling, the electric bikes from Wisper are a true discovery for our own good ! 

To be discovered below, with a pinch of English phlegm ! 

Le catalogue de vélos électriques Wisper

Latest models are available clicking on the image below ! Would you like a cup of tea while cycling ?

Les derniers modèles de vélos électriques Wisper